How to cook sweet and sour crabs:

1.Crab crabs in boiling water. If the crab is no longer moving, put it in cold water and clean it. Clean the gills and defecate inside them.

2.Wash the crabs, then cut them into two parts or crush them so that later sweet sour spices can soak.

3.Blend onion, garlic, and ginger. Then saute with a little cooking oil.

4.Season with chili sauce, oyster sauce, salt, sugar, and powdered pepper. Add a little water so the spices don’t burn. Add the crabs, then cook until the spices soak.

5.After the crab is cooked and the pineapple withers, remove the dish from the stove. Serve on a plate and sprinkle with finely sliced chives.

6.Thus the way to cook sweet and sour crabs is simple. Make these dishes in more portions to be enjoyed with family

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